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Checklist to Organize and Manage your Move

Whether you are relocating to a new state or just moving across the street, leverage this Moving Checklist to organize and manage your move.

8 Weeks Before Your Move

Create a list of all home repairs needed and research contractors if needed. Make your home beautiful to ensure the best deal if you are selling your property. Find a Realtor to list and sell your home, if needed. Or Sell your property independently using Put in your 60-day notice at work, if required. - READ MORE

Using Storage Pods vs. a Traditional Moving Truck

Whether you are moving all of the way across the country or several states over, you have a big decision to make. Should you use storage pods to transport your possessions or hire a traditional state to state moving company to do the job for you? Your answer actually depends on several factors, including how much stuff you have, whether or not you are moving in right away, and if you are up to the task of packing the storage pods on your own. State to state moving services offer a few benefits and disadvantages, but you can use the following information to help you come to an informed decision. - READ MORE

Reasons to Rely On Professional Packers

Relocating to a whole new place could be a very exciting idea. However, when it gets down to doing the hard work of packing and moving, it may dampen your spirits. The good thing is that there are professional packers and movers who make this job extremely easy for you. Movers and packers are usually a company or an agency that help you with the relocation. Whether you are relocating the house or the office, they can take care of everything. Here are some of the reasons why you can rely on the professional packers and movers. - READ MORE