Interested in Buying Moving Leads?

Rex Direct has launched a new shared moving lead platform. We are only working with quality movers across the US to increase lead volume for their interstate and local moving platforms. Below is the information for the leads:

Interstate / Long Distance Leads

  1. The shared leads we send you are sold a maximum number of only 4 times!
  2. We can target your coverage areas using zip or area codes
  3. Our filters are advanced to help key on customers you are looking to close
  4. We accept credits for bad leads
  5. You have a unique login to our portal to handle the leads
  6. No minimum spend requirements in our system
  7. We can also generate calls, just ask.

Local Leads

  1. We charge a monthly fee to be listed on our site, no charge per lead
  2. List your company information and phone number for direct calls
  3. Set up your filters and coverage to target your areas

Rex Direct ( has been a leader in performance marketing and lead generation space since 2001 and is trusted by over 200 brands and growing! We would love to partner with you to help your business grow!

Are you ready to start? Let’s schedule a 15 minute follow up call with one of our specialists.

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