Local versus Cross-Country Moving

Packing up your belongings and moving them to a house a few miles away or even to another town in the county isn’t a big deal for most moving companies. In fact, you could probably move with the help of friends who have a couple of large vehicles. However, if you’re moving several states away, this plan won’t work.

Cross-country moves require strategic planning. Hiring a moving company that doesn’t specialize in this kind of move is a sure way to lose track of your belongings. Cross-country movers are adept at helping homeowners develop a moving schedule that won’t leave you without your pots, pans, and living furniture for weeks on end.

Read the Fine Print

Did you see a moving special online that caught your eye? Perhaps you saw a moving truck driving around town advertising a too-good-to-be-true $99 moving special. Before you sign any contracts make sure you know exactly what services your money is getting you.

Moving companies that offer unbelievable rates typically may not include things such as boxes, packing and unpacking, or insurance protection. All of these perks can be yours, but you’ll have to pay more. For homeowners on a budget, it’s important to ask for a detailed list of what is included in the price.

Get It in Writing

One of the biggest mistakes people make when hiring movers is forgetting to get everything in writing. Verbal agreements are not enough. If there is a dispute concerning the time and date of your move or something happens to your great aunt’s piano during the move, resolutions will come easier when there is a contract that states how these situations will be handled.

Another detail you want to have in writing is the cost of the service. Even if you’re just renting a small moving truck to move you out of an apartment and into a starter home two streets away, it’s imperative that you have a written agreement that specifically states how much the service will cost.

Consider Choosing Local Movers

All moving companies in your area are local, right? Wrong. There are plenty of franchised moving companies that seem to operate as local independent companies but they are not. Working with a franchised, national chain may be a good idea if you’re making a cross-country move or even moving several hundred miles to another part of the state. However, local moves within a 50-100 miles radius are better served by smaller, hometown companies. Local movers often offer a personalized approach. In some cases, local movers may also offer deep discounts.

Move during the Week

Moving is stressful and often expensive. Saving money any way you can is always ideal. One of the best ways to save on a moving service is to schedule your move during a weekday. Weekend moves yield premium prices because the demand is greater. Moving companies tend to be slower during the week and offer reduced rates to earn business. So, if you can, try to plan a Tuesday – Thursday move.

With so many Rapid City, SD, movers advertising service, make sure you take your time and do a little research before you make a decision. Taking this time will save you time, money, and, ultimately, your sanity.

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