When it comes to storing your stuff, you have a few options. Get rid of it, store it in off-site storage or use portable or on-demand storage, also known as a moving pod. It is this last option we will discuss at length below:

What is a Moving Pod? How Does it Work?

A moving pad is basically a large storage container that is brought to your home and left for you to fill.  You can store virtually anything and everything safely inside and keep pods set up at your home for as long as necessary. This means you can access any items stored inside at your convenience. Once items are inside you can either leave them on site or have the pod moved to a storage facility or other location. Virtually all major moving companies provide pods and there are also companies that specialize in moving pods. More on this later…

Benefits of Using a Moving Pod

  • You don’t have to haul items to a storage facility.
  • If you leave the moving pod on site, you can access the items stored within without having to leave your home.
  • It provides easy, optional storage for excess items.
  • Pods are placed on ground level, which means they easy to load and unload.
  • It can allow you to prepack items when preparing to move, making moving day easier.

How to Find The Right Moving Pod Company: What to Look For And Ask

When contemplating what company to use when renting a moving pod, consider the following…

  • How old are the pods, what is the condition of the pods? Will they keep your possessions safe?
  • How much does the pod weigh? You want to know this because some moving companies/pod companies charge the fee based on the weight of the pod. Consequently, it’s good to know how much the pod weighs before you load it.
  • How much does it cost? What is included in your monthly rental cost?
  • When can you have your pod delivered?
  • How long can you rent a pod, is there a long-term rental discount?
  • Does the moving company provide any moving supplies or a lock along with your pod rental?

Moving Pod Companies to Consider

Here are a few companies you can consider when renting a moving pod:

  • U-Pack: You pay for a trailer space or a container to use and can have it moved it anywhere within the U.S. in three to five business days. They provide instant online quotes and no deposit is required. The negative is no lock for your containers and no local moves.
  • PODS: PODS in this sense stands for Portable on Demand Storage. This is likely the most well-known company as it relates to portable storage. PODS are available for local and long-distance moves, there are many container sizes available and there are weatherproof containers. The negative aspect is the fact that you have to finalize your PODS quote via the phone.
  • 1-800-PACK-RAT: This portable moving company provides free locks, orchestrates long-distance moves, has multiple container sizes, has weatherproof moving containers, and provides $10,000 in moving protection. This company does require a phone call to finalize quotes and has less availability when compared with PODS and U-Pack.

Moving pods can be a great solution to a storage problem and make your move much easier overall.