Divorce is never the desired end of a relationship, but sometimes, it is unavoidable and the best choice for a couple. When you face a divorce, there are many tasks to complete, one of which is moving your stuff (or their stuff) out of your joint living situation. Be sure to talk to your attorney before you move anything out of your home as doing so before your divorce is final can be a mistake. Once you are sure you can move your stuff out and the logistics of divorce are complete, it’s time to focus on moving your stuff. The following are some tips to help you do just that:

Get Rid of Sentimental Items: In Storage or Permanently

It might be pictures of you and your former spouse, or items you received together as a wedding or engagement gift, regardless, get rid of any item that is tied directly to you and your spouse’s former relationship. These items can be thrown away, given away or stored. If you think there might be a chance of reconciliation in the relationship, you can simply store these items in a separate location. However, make sure you move them out of your space. Don’t keep them around where you will see them.

Start The Packing Process (If You Choose to Move Out)

If you want to stay put in your home, the one you and your spouse shared, you can follow the tips listed below to renovate or redecorate your home to make it your own and create a like new space.

In many cases, moving out and selling the property is the best idea after the end of a marriage. If you want to sell your home, it’s time to go through the contents of your home and organize items, making it easier to move when the time comes. Get rid of items like mentioned above that hold sentimentality. Get rid of any clothes you haven’t worn in at least a year or that no longer fit or are in style. Once you do this, you can even begin packing nonessential items, such as off-season decorations in storage boxes. Make sure to properly label all boxes, as well as where within the house they are found so you can easily unpack them when the time comes. You can even get a storage unit and get a head start on moving items out of your home, making the eventual moving process easier.

Redecorate Your Home, Making it Your Own

Couples often choose the style, textures, colors and furnishings of their home together. Consequently, after a marriage ends, it can be difficult to keep everything as is, even if one spouse remains in the home and one moves out. If you are staying in your home after a divorce, replace your furnishings, repaint, change the style of your décor, make it your own. This will allow you to enjoy a fresh start, even while remaining in your home. Donate any quality items that still have life left to a charity.

Moving on after a divorce isn’t easy. The steps above will hopefully help make this process as easy as possible, whether you stay in your home or move into a brand-new place.



Divorce Moving Out Checklist: How to Move Out to Move On