Moving isn’t always the easiest task in the world. After all, you are in essence, boxing up all your earthly possessions and moving them to another location. Talk about overwhelming! Thankfully, there are some hacks that will help make this sometimes sizeable process a little easier to handle:

  • Ask Local Businesses For Boxes: When you begin your move, you will need boxes, and plenty! Ask local retailers to give you some boxes. They often have more than they can use and have to dispose of them, so it will usually help them as well.
  • Opt For Magazines Or Newspapers Over Peanuts: Protecting your valuables during a move is important. The last thing you want to do is lose a priceless treasure during the process. Use newspapers and/or magazines instead of packing peanuts to offer your breakables the best protection. Be aware of the ink, though.
  • Pack Your Closet As Is: Instead of taking everything out of your closet, off their hangers and then into bags, why not bag it up just as it hangs? Use a trash bag to group clothing and tie it around the hangers. Then, you simply hang it back up in your new closet, remove the trash bag and its in the same exact order as before. Much easier than unpacking and rehanging every item.
  • Use Linens For Cushioning: Another way to protect breakables is to use sheets, pillow cases and even clean socks for extra padding or cushioning when packing. This serves two purposes. You protect the item, and also have your linens packed for the move.
  • Utilize Other Items in Addition to Boxes: In addition to boxes, use trash bins, laundry baskets and suitcases as boxes to pack with. They will go along with you anyway, so might as well use the space inside for packing.
  • Label and Organize Furniture Pieces: To ensure all the pieces of any furniture you have to disassemble to transport make it successfully to your new place, put all the screws and hardware in a small plastic bag. Label that bag and then attach it with tape to the corresponding piece of furniture. If you are afraid you might lose the bag, label it and then have a small box that contains all screws and hardware pieces for all furniture in one location. Just make sure you label them well, so as not to confuse which items go with which piece of furniture.
  • Keep an Inventory List: It’s a good idea to create a list of what is in each box as you move. You can do this using the old-fashioned hand written method or step it up to an Excel document. Either way, inventorying items will allow to find whatever you are looking for easily and ensure you don’t leave anything behind.
  • Make Sure to Label Sides of Boxes Too: Most people will take the time to label the tops of boxes as they pack, indicating what’s inside. However, they might fail to label the side. When boxes are stacked, though, you can’t tell what is in a box if only the top is labeled.
  • Use Pots Pans: Instead of simply packing your pots and pans, why not use them to transport your dish towels, spices and other kitchen related items?
  • Take Pictures of Electronics While Assembled: Before disassembling your TV, computer, or any other complicated electronic, take a picture of which cords are in which ports. That way, when you get to your new place, you have a guide to follow to reassemble everything as it was.

These are just a few helpful hacks to keep in mind that will make the moving process less stressful. Happy moving!