Moving on a budget can be a challenge. One way to cut down on costs is to implore a friend to lend a hand during your move. The following are some tips to keep in mind if your friends do give up their weekend and help you move:

Pay for Their Meals

It might go without saying, but it’s important to at least feed your friends while they volunteer to help you move. Be sure to check with them before ordering delivery or a pizza. After all, so many people have dietary restrictions of some sort. Also, make sure you provide amble drinks, water and snacks throughout the day in addition to meals. Moving is hard work and burns a lot of calories, so everyone needs to be well fueled and hydrated.

Offer to Pay For Gas

If your friends are coming from a distance away or are using their own transportation to help move your possessions, you might want to offer gas money. Some people won’t take the money, but you can still offer. The thought at least is nice.

Try to Schedule Moving Days When its Convenient For Your Friends

While it can be difficult to find an ideal weekend or a day that works equally well for everyone, do at least try to schedule your moving day when it’s the most convenient for your friends to help. Also, make sure you offer your friends amble notice for when you plan to move. Provide at least a week or more of notice prior to your move, the further out the better.

Don’t Expect Everyone to Help

Some friends are more able to help than others. For example, if you have friends with small kids or kids who play sports, getting them to help probably won’t happen. Therefore, when contemplating who to ask for help, take these factors into consideration. Don’t ask too much of friends who have a lot of other stuff on their plate.

Don’t Be Mad if You Get a “No”

You don’t know everything another person is dealing with, even your closest friends. Therefore, don’t take it personally if a friend gives you a simple “no” when you ask if they can help you move.

Direct, Don’t Boss

Yes, you are in charge of your move, but don’t micromanage your friends. They gave up their day to help you, so treat them well, listen to their thoughts about the best way to do things and be kind to them throughout the whole process.

Be Well Prepared

Be mindful of your friend’s time and value it appropriately. Try to have as much as possible done before your friends arrive to help with your move. This means tasks like packing and sorting should be completed prior to help arriving.

Send a Thank You

After the weekend of moving is over and your friends have all made their way back home, be sure to send them a thank you note in the mail. Of course, you could shoot them a little text, but since snail mail is so uncommon, it will seem more special to get a handwritten note saying how much you appreciate your friend giving of their time. Also, if you can afford to add in a gift card, that’s even better.

Do the above to get a friend to help you move and then show them you appreciate their efforts.