When you contemplate the act of moving, you have two primary choices: take responsibility for the move yourself and garner some reluctant volunteers to help you physically move or hire professional movers. There are some moving situations that are applicable for doing it yourself, while others almost demands you hire professionals. The following are some moving situations that make hiring professional movers well worth the cost:

When Hiring Professional Movers is Necessary And Well Worth The Cost

  • You’re Moving a Great Distance Away: If you’re moving right down the road or even to another location within your current town, you can likely get away with moving yourself. However, if you are moving across country or even just states away, you need to hire professional movers. You can’t expect your family and friends to commit to driving your belongings hundreds of miles away. In addition, the logistics of moving that much stuff across the nation is simply more than most people are equipped to handle. For example, when driving across country, weather and road conditions can damage your belongings, which makes a moving truck or van necessary.
  • You’re Moving Valuable And/or Bulky Furniture/Items: If your couch, entertainment center or other furnishings are heavy or bulky, or you have valuable possessions, with which you want to be extra careful, you likely want to hire professional movers to help you. The scene from Friends, “pivot, pivot, pivot!!” is a comical showcase of what it takes to move large pieces of furniture down narrow hallways or up and down stairs . Your friends and family, as well as yourself can easily injure yourself trying to move extremely heavy items without the proper equipment. Also, you don’t want to give volunteers the responsibility of taking care of your valuable possessions. Professional moving companies have their own insurance policies that will allow them to reimburse you if the worst should happen and your property is damaged in a move. In addition, if you would like even more protection, you can get moving insurance to further protect yourself.
  • You Have a Stipend: If you are moving to take a new job, you might have a stipend that pays for moving expenses. If this is the case, why not employ professional movers to complete the job? There is really no reason not to take advantage of this if you are given the choice.
  • Time is of the Essence: When you need to get a move completed quickly to get out of an old place or into a new one, hiring professional movers is a good idea. After all, when getting packed, moved and unpacked is time sensitive, you don’t want to wait for your friends and family to find the time to help you move. Instead, hire professional movers to successfully move your belongings from one home/apartment to the other, without waiting on your friends and family’s schedules to open up.

Hiring professional movers to help you move your possessions from one location to another is an expense. However, even with the cost involved, hiring professional movers is often the better option when compared with doing it yourself. After all, you should consider the worth of your own time as well that of your family and friends when evaluating the cost of hiring a moving company. In the situations outlined above, hiring professional movers is the best choice.