Holidays are obviously not the ideal time to complete a move. After all, holidays bring about enough stress, without adding the pressure of a move. However, in some cases, instigating a move in the midst of a holiday celebration is simply unavoidable. If this is you and you find yourself organizing a move in the midst of celebrating Thanksgiving, read on for some helpful survival tips:

  • Make Some Scheduling Decisions: Thanksgiving presents logistical challenges all on its own when it comes to making an appearance at several family events, all over the course of a few days time. When you have to complete a move within that time as well, though, you have to seriously consider which thanksgiving dinners you must attend and which can be skipped this year. If it’s a small gathering, you could always ask your family or friends to change the date of their meal, in order for you to be able to attend, allowing you to skip the meal on the actual day of Thanksgiving, yet still get together at a later time. However, don’t get hurt if they can’t, it’s a lot to ask someone to change tradition. Therefore, for this one year, you might just miss a few celebrations. Now’s the time to determine which ones. Let your loved ones or friends know as soon as possible if you know you won’t be able to attend their celebration.
  • Set Up Your Move With a Professional Soon: Another potential problem regarding moving on or around the Thanksgiving holiday is finding a company who will work on Thanksgiving. If you have to move day of, there might be very few options when it comes to hiring professional movers. Therefore, if you know you will be orchestrating a move, especially on Thanksgiving, call a professional mover as soon as possible to get on the books. The small percentage of movers who will work on Thanksgiving will book up quickly.
  • Opt For a Nontraditional Thanksgiving: If you will be moving near or on Thanksgiving, you likely can’t host a Thanksgiving dinner. You might not even have time to attend one as mentioned above. However, you can always drop into a restaurant that offers a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and have an atypical Thanksgiving celebration. No cooking, no cleaning, no worrying about your house being destroyed. Who knows, this might become your new favorite way to celebrate.
  • Give Yourself Some Grace: Because you are trying to complete an extremely stressful task, in moving all your belongings from one dwelling to another at the same time as a huge celebratory time, give yourself some grace. You won’t be able to do it all. You won’t be able to make everyone happy, and some family members might even get aggravated at you for not attending their celebration. Give yourself grace and remind them that this isn’t an every year event. You will be able to once again partake in their event next year.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to spend with friends and family, enjoying each others company and reconnecting after months apart. However, it is sometimes the only time you have to complete a move. In this case, keep the survival tips listed above in mind to come out unscathed on the other side.