Every time of year has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to organizing a move. The following will breakdown each season of the year and why you might want to choose it or avoid it when planning your next move:

The Fall:

  • Why It’s a Good Time: The weather is incredible this time of year in most parts of the country. Therefore, this is a big advantage to consider. A fall move also means you will be able to get settled into your next place before the holiday season hits full force.
  • Why It Might be a Bad Time: If you have school-aged children, a fall move can be challenging as the school year is just getting started. This is especially true if you move involves changing schools.

The Winter:

  • Why It’s a Good Time: Moving during the winter season can be substantially cheaper than peak moving seasons (warmer seasons). Due to less demand on their schedules, you will likely find a lot of flexibility as far as your preferred moving dates.
  • Why It Might be a Bad Time: Snow, rain, ice, sleet, etc. all make up some convincing reasons a winter move might not be ideal. Not only do you have to handle boxing up belongings, but winter moves, taking place from December through February, means you have to salt, or clear walkways and driveways, waterproof boxes and go to extra effort just to counteract the frigid temperatures.

The Spring:

  • Why It’s a Good Time: Many areas of the country enjoy mild temperatures during the spring time, making the process of moving easier. Also, though the demand does pick up the end of May, the months of March, April and the first part of May are usually pretty slow, meaning you will enjoy some flexibility as far as your preferred moving dates.
  • Why It Might be a Bad Time: End of the year school activities and testing can make moving difficult in the spring when families have school-aged kids. In addition, it you wait until the last part of May, you may run into some difficulty getting your choice of moving dates due to demand.

The Summer:

  • Why It’s a Good Time: Summer is peak home-selling season. This makes it the best time to sell your home and make a move. It also is ideal for families with school-aged kids as they are out of school during the summer. The longer days of summer also provide additional daylight hours in which to pack, sort and clean.
  • Why it Might be a Bad Time: Because summer is such a popular time to move, the rates go up, making it more expensive to pay for movers. Keep in mind, some 70% of all moves occur between Memorial and Labor day, so this is a popular time to move, meaning you will likely struggle to get your preferred moving date. Also, the heat and humidity can make moving difficult and even dangerous in the heat of the summer.

The above information explains some reasons to choose and some to avoid each season as it relates to planning a move. Suffice it to say, you do what’s best for your family, but know there are advantages and disadvantages to any season you select.