Packing for and completing a move is not an easy task, no matter the time of year in which you are attempting one. This task becomes that much harder when attempting your move during winter. The following are nine tips to keep in mind when moving in winter to make it as safe and event free as possible:

1.) Be Flexible and Prepared: In the winter, the weather is anything but predictable. It can be sunny and clear one day, and dumping snow or rain the next. In addition, you can add wind, hail and other extreme weather into the mix. Therefore, you need to be prepared for this and remain flexible. Your planned moving day might turn out to be a bad weather day. Therefore, be aware you may need to reschedule your move.

2.) Don’t Wait to Start Packing: This tip holds true no matter when you plan on moving, season wise. Pack in advance, not waiting for moving day to arrive. This will make the moving process easier and quicker all the way around.

3.) Prep Your Home: If snow is regularly on the ground where you live, you will want to shovel the walkway and driveway, ensuring the path from your home is clear of ice and snow. This will cut down on the slip and fall risk you and/or your movers face while moving your belongings.

4.) Protect Your Belongings: If you decide to store some items in storage containers while preparing for a move, you need to keep the cold temperatures in mind. Breakable items, like glass and dishware are especially susceptible to temperature changes, which can lead to breaks and cracks. Double wrap these items in thick blankets to cut down on the extreme temperature transition when moving from a heated space to cold and back into heated spaces.

5.) Allow For Extra Travel Time: When moving in inclement weather, such as snow, you need to be aware that your travel time will likely be longer. Allow for this extra travel time.

6.) Prepare Your New Home: In the same way you cleared the walkways and driveway of your existing home when moving, you need to ensure the home you are moving into has the same treatment. Make sure movers are safe transporting your items from the truck to your new home.

7.) Take The Short Days Into Consideration: In addition to the cold temperatures , icy and snowy walkways and roadways, you also have to deal with shorter days when moving in winter. Make sure you account for this when planning out your move so you have time to properly unpack your belongings during daylight hours.

8.) Take Care of Your Movers: Prepare hot apple cider, cocoa or even coffee for your movers. Encourage them to come in out of the cold and get warm on occasion, especially when temperatures are below freezing.

9.) Hire Professional Movers: Speaking of movers, especially when moving in the winter, you should seriously consider hiring professionals to complete your move.  They have experience dealing with the weather and moving your belongings safely, despite the conditions. Therefore, when such conditions are present, you need to consider bringing in professional movers.

Keep the above essential tips in mind when moving in winter.